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Friday, March 13, 2009

VLC player as streaming server/client

Till yesterday, i didn't know that VLC player can be used as a streaming server. Its really easy to use vlc as streaming server. You don't need to install any extra software other than VLC player. You can also control the player from client's browser.

For easy understanding, will explain with an example.
Say, System A with ip is server
System B with ip is client

Settings at Server side(System A):
  • Open vlc player
  • Click on 'File -> Open File'
  • Browse and select a video/audeo file in 'Open' location bar
  • Select the 'Stream/Save' option in Advanced options and Click on 'Settings' just beside the 'Stream/Save' check box
  • Select 'Play locally' if you want file to be played on server also
  • Select 'UDP' and type the address of the client in address location bar, here it is
  • Click 'OK'. Thats it.
Now Server is ready to stream.

  • To get the control of player from client(B)'s browser, On server(A), Click on 'Settings -> Add Interface -->Web Interface'

Settings at Client side(System B):
  • Open VLC player
  • Click on 'File -> Open Network Stream'
  • Everything is already set, just click on 'OK'
Thatsit, You can see the file playing.

To control from client's browser. Open browser, type "http://serverIP:8080" (in our example, ) in the address bar. Then you will get the Controls on your browser.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saving images from orkut albums

Recently Orkut disabled saving images from albums. Here are the ways to hack it.
  1. For geeks, install firebug addon for firefox. Open the photo which you want to save in Orkut. Click on firebug icon(which will be bottom right corner of browser). Click on inspect button in firebug window and click on the pic in orkut. Now firebug will highlight the code related to that pic. Copy the pic's address from firebug window and open it in new tab. Now you can save the pic.
  2. Easiest way is, you just save the whole page(Ctrl+S) and all the files including pic will be saved in the files folder. Open the folder and get your interested pic. Thanks to Sharat for this idea.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Downloading m3u file from i-dose

I tried to listen to tunes on i-dose, but i can't due to some problem which i couldn't figure out. Then i searched for how to download that tunes on to my computer. There are some hints on the net but not clear. Here is the way...
Right click on any of the links on i-dose site, click on CopyLinkLocation. Now in your browsers locationbar where you type url addresses, paste the copied address(Ctrl+V). Here is the trick, chnage the file extention to mp3 from m3u(just edit it in locationbar itself). Hit Enter and save file. Njoy the tunes....Don't ask me for the effect of i-dose tunes :) .
Sorry, the downloaded file is playing just buzzzzz.... i don't know why :) ...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't know BSNL telephone number of someone???

If u want to know someone's bsnl telephone number u can easily get it from bsnl online directory search. Go to
Select your state. And follow the instructions. Thatsit. You can use this service to find out someone's address if you know his/her number...

OpenMoko FreeRunner Released

FreeRunner is running!!!!
GSM850 Freerunner is available in stock, Debug board and spare also!!! .
Its cost is Rs.20,000. Currently only GSM850 is available. But in India we have to wait for GSM900 i guess. For more details

Friday, July 4, 2008

Firefox 3 Guinness Record

With 8 Million Copies Firefox 3 Achieves Its Desired Guinness World Record

Firefox 3 has entered today in the Guiness Book of World Records as the
most downloaded software in 24 hours. As you might remember, in its
first day of release, Firefox 3 was downloaded for 8,002,530 times.
Mozilla has removed form the server logs the duplicates and incomplete
downloads and then has submitted the documentation Guinness World
Records, which announced today its approval.

"As the arbiter and recorder of the world's amazing facts, Guinness
World Records is pleased to add Mozilla's achievement to our archives,"
said Guinness records manager Gareth Deaves in a statement. "Mobilizing
over 8 million internet users within 24 hours is an extremely impressive
accomplishment and we would like to congratulate the Mozilla community
for their hard work and dedication."

In fact, Mozilla's impressive effort to keep its servers alive it paid
off and Firefox 3.0 registered 10 million downloads in the first two days.

Firefox was officially born in November 2004, as the project of Dave
Hyatt and Blake Ross. In fact they began working an a new Internet
browser since 2002 and initially Firefox was known as Phoenix. However,
due to the trademark problems with the Phoenix Corporation, the browser
was renamed in 2004 as Mozilla Firebird. The new name did not last long
because of the opposition from the community behind Firebird database
and in February 2004 Mozilla's browser has become officially known as
Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox was born in a period when Internet Explorer was the undisputed
leader of the market and its declared goal from the beginning was to
offer a better, speedier and more secure alternative to Microsoft's king
of the Internet.

Many have thought that Firefox didn't stand a chance in face of
Microsoft' heavyweight browser, but year after year and version after
version, Firefox fought back, bringing new things, new enhancements,
proving the power of the open source.For Firefox 3.0, Mozilla promised a
browsing experience like never before, and it delivered exactly that, by
working on improved performance, better stability, less CPU usage, more
sustainability, and by giving it a personal touch.

Based on the Gecko platform, which has been under development for the
past 34 months, Firefox delivers protection for anything from malware to
forgery and data leaks.

The password manager finally delivers what I (and others) have been
waiting for: a manager that offers to remember passwords after a
successful login, not every time I type my password wrong!

The download manager is actually useful now, and the resume button makes
other download managers useless. And another thing: if you miss you last
browsing session, Firefox can save it for you.

But what got everyone saying "wow!" was the "Awesome Bar," which
replaced the old and dull location bar with a Smart Location Bar, which
basically works like a search engine, offering multiple matching results
based on bookmarks and browsing history.

The Install Add-ons Manager makes Firefox easy to customize, while the
Library makes every search through bookmarks and history a stress-free one.

In terms of speed, there's no doubt about it, Firefox is a winner, by
making some applications run twice as fast as before.
In addition to that, your computer won't cry for over usage of memory
anymore, as Mozilla developed a system that reduces the amount of memory
used during a browsing session.

Firefox 3.0 also integrates malware protection, a system that will warn
users when they arrive at sites which are known to install viruses,
spyware, trojans or other malware.

As Mozilla promised there are over 15,000 enhancements and Firefox 3.0
is quickly moving to a share of 20 to 25 percent of the browser market,
putting the future Internet Explorer under heavy pressure.

Problem with downloading eenadu font???

From few days font file is not available on font help link. In font help eenadu mentioned that download and change its name to eenadu.ttf and place it in fonts folder. But the download link is not working now. Now they have changed the file name to eenadu.ttf from eenadu.ayz on the server itself but forgot to edit the link.
So now you can get eenadu.ttf file from
Enjoy telugu paper reading on your browser.